Epcot is arguably Disney’s best park for adults, featuring futuristic rides, cultural themes and many, many places to eat and drink. Until the last few years, Epcot was the only park on Walt Disney World property to serve beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. Because of this, Drinking Around the World became a popular feat for bachelor and bachelorette parties, 21st birthday parties, anniversaries, and every excuse to party in between.

To accomplish Drinking Around the World, you enter Epcot’s World Showcase, and go right to Canada or go left to Mexico, and then proceed to drink an alcoholic beverage from each of the 11 countries in the World Showcase in one day. You may be wondering how much this will end up costing? We’ve listed the cost of Drinking Around the World with a lowest to highest structure starting with your first step into the park.

Also, we recommend that you take a look at our list of 60 Things You Must Do in the World Showcase and our Insider’s Guide to Epcot Dining. They’re both great side-by-side resources when you’re looking for things to do & eat while you’re drinking around the world.

Before You Enter the Park

Before you even set foot into the park, you must consider everything you’ll need for the day; the most expensive being your park ticket. Epcot has seasons of fluctuating crowds, therefore the 1-Day ticket pricing can vary by date with a low cost of $109 and a high cost of $154 before tax.

Most groups like to wear matching shirts or Mickey ears, among other things. Mickey hats tend to cost an average of $29.99 and about $34.99 for the headbands. If you go the matching shirt route and look for something custom, generally you’ll pay around $25 per t-shirt. For any other gear you may need, we have a full recommended gear guide for Disney World in general.

Definitely bring a pair of comfortable shoes (we have recommendations for those specifically, if you need them).

Parking fees for Epcot will vary with the highest price at $50 for preferred parking. RVs, campers & other large vehicles will be $30, followed by $25 for regular parking. Carpooling is one option to lessen the cost per person. Resort guests will diminish the cost altogether using the free transportation via bus or boat.

Drinking Around the World

Before we start, it’s absolutely worth mentioning that we believe 100% in responsible drinking. Make sure you’re legally allowed to consume a safe amount of alcohol. You can always share drinks with friends or skip countries. There are quite a few countries and Epcot is huge, so don’t push your limits.

Now that our obligatory disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get into the guide.

We’re a little backwards and prefer the counter-clockwise entrance to the World Showcase. Canada is better during the daytime and pretty tame, while Mexico (the last pavilion) will be a wild good time. Best to start with the tame pavilion first, in our opinion.


Canada is recognized for it’s outdoorsy lifestyle and delicious North American food. Here you’ll find Native American artwork and themed merchandise, along with hockey gear, racoon hats and more. We suggest seeing O Canada!, in the pavilion’s signature movie theater, to get a little taste of the Great White North before you begin your journey.

Popcorn in Canada

This is the only quick service stand found in Canada and it’s easy to miss, located by the walkway entrance to Le Cellier. Your nose will find it first by the wafting smell of the Maple Popcorn.

Moosehead Lager Draft, $10 – Regarded as Canada’s premium lager, this golden brew is made with 100% Canadian barley malt and pure Spruce Lake water.

Ottawa Apple, $14.50 – A bright red cocktail made with Crown Royale Maple Whisky, Apple Infusion and Cranberry Juice.

Trading Post

Another great option in Canada is the Trading Post, which is actually a shop but one side serves drinks. It’s up the steps where you see the totem pole. You can find the usual Canadian beers here, like Popcorn in Canada but our top recommendation is the Icewine Flight to share with friends.

Labatt Blue Pilsner Draft, $9.00 – Claims to be the world’s best selling Canadian beer. A subtly sweet light pilsner.

Blanche de Chambly Draft, $15.50 – This draft with notably sweet and spicy flavors may be the highest price only because of the Souvenir Stein, but who doesn’t want a Souvenir Stein?

Canada Blanche de Chambly
The Blanche de Chambly Draft in the Canada Pavilion.

Icewine Flight $21 – This flight includes an upscale combo of Neige Apple, Inniskillin Vidal, and La Fleur D’or Sauternes icewines.

If you’re looking for a guide to the park’s restaurants, check out our list of The 13 Best Epcot Restaurants for Adults. Le Cellier is a solid contender in the top few spots.

United Kingdom

The UK Pavilion combines the charm of each country in the British Isles, including England, Ireland and Scotland. Beer is the star once again in this pavilion, where you can jam with British Invasion cover bands and dine on fish & chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

The UK Beer Cart

Despite the name, UK Beer Cart only offers three beer choices – Harp Lager Draft, Bombardier Amber Draft (both are $11.25) and Magners Pear Cider for $9.75. If you want the full UK pub experience, head inside to the Rose & Crown’s bar for better selections.

Rose & Crown PUB

Reservations are needed to dine at the Rose & Crown but anyone is welcome to enter the Pub to order drafts and cocktails. It tends to be a bit crowded, but the excitement of bustling people create the idyllic British Pub setting.

Half & Half Imperial Pint, $10.50 – Make your traditional British blend a little bit fancier with a Souvenir Cup for $5 more.

United Kingdom Half & Half Imperial Pint
Half & Half Imperial Pint in the UK Pavilion.

Leaping Leprechaun, $14.50 – You may find yourself doing a little jig before the night’s over after tasting this cocktail of Jameson, Don Q Cristal Rum, SVEDKA, Melon Liquer, Sweet-and-sour mix topped with Sprite

Johnnie Walker Blue or The Macallan 18yr, $40.50 – Go for the gold with a 2 oz. pour from one of these classic scotch whiskies.


The Eiffel Tower can be seen as you walk across the bridge to the next pavilion. In France, you have a plethora of choices for food and drink. Sip on a glass of wine while watching Impressions de France, applauding street performers or heading to back for the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride. If you feel like having a nicer meal, France is easily one of our top choices in our guide to the best Epcot restaurants for adults.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Find your way toward the back left side of the pavilion to locate this refreshing quick service eatery with air conditioned seating. They serve many delicious entrees and desserts, as well as a variety of drinks.

Chardonnay, $7.75 – This white wine varies from time to time as it’s the Chef’s selection Duboeuf.

Frose, $14.25 – A charming frozen blend of Cotes de Provence Rose, house vodka and peach flavor.

Champagne, $19.95 – The Nicolas Feuillate is a nice, crisp, welcome refreshment.

Les Vins des Chefs de France

Les Vins des Chefs de France is not in any way attached to the Chefs de France restaurant but across from it by the water of World Showcase Lagoon. Here, you can find everything from wine and beer to frozen drinks for a fair price. Our number one favorite is the Orange Slush.

Beaujolais Duboef, $9.95 – One of several French regional red wines.

Orange Slush, $14.75 – This sweet frozen drink is made with Grand Marnier Rum, Grey Goose Orange and orange juice. A refreshing choice in the heat of summer.

Orange Slush France
The Orange Slush in the France Pavilion.

Kir Royale, $20.95 – Take your champagne up a notch with a dose of blackberry liquor.


Unlike the first three pavilions, Morocco is where you finally feel like you’ve stepped into “A Whole New World.” Meet Aladdin or Jasmine and take in the traditional architecture inspired by historic Moroccan landmarks. You can also get great snacks and small plates here – check out Spice Road Table or Tangierine Cafe for some great refreshments.

Morocco Juice Bar / Oasis Sips & Sweets

Located along the walkway toward the end of the pavilion. This little hole in the wall stand serves delicious Mediterranean pastries like baklava and almond briwat alongside alcoholic beverages from multiple countries in the Middle East.

Mediterranean Beer, $10.25 – $12.75 – The selection will vary from visit to visit, ranging from light to amber beers.

Spice Road Table

Enjoy a relaxed table service restaurant on the water of World Showcase Lagoon or swing by the bar to grab drinks and head out. If you choose to relax, try one of the many small plates or Mediterranean specialty entrees.

Pomegranate Mimosa, $13.50 – A refreshing blend of Pomegranate Juice, Sparkling Wine and Orange Liqueur.

Iced Mint Tea $14.50 – Morocco’s spin on their classic welcome drink is topped with Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Morocco Iced Mint Tea
Iced Mint Tea in the Morocco Pavilion.

Magical Beacon Cocktail, $17.50 – This delicious drink comes with a souvenir glow cube. It’s a blend of Empress 1908 Gin, Bols Blue Curacao, lemonade, almond and Hibiscus Grenadine.


Transport yourself in minutes to the Orient where you’ll find many great places to drink and buy Kawaii merchandise you can’t live without. While here you might be treated to the sounds of the Matsuriza traditional Japanese drummers. Japan has four quick service stops, with two listed here for your Drinking Around the World tour.

Kabuki Cafe

This little stand in on the walkway right in front of the large pagoda. This generally the quickest and easiest place to get a drink in Japan, but we recommend heading farther into the pavilion to get the full Japanese experience.

Plum Wine, $8 – This sweet and sour drink is made with Japanese plums, shochu and sugar.

Kirin Ichiban Draft, $9.00 – You also have the option to kick your Kirin Ichiban up a notch and order it frozen.

Japan Kirin Ichiban Draft
Kirin ichiban Draft in the Japan Pavilion.

Nigori Sake, $9.50 – Cloudy in appearance, the rice liquor is unfiltered and mild in flavor.

Garden House Sake Bar

If you’ve been eager to try drinks unique to each country, sample traditional Japanese sake in this little bar found toward the back of the pavilion. Head into the Cute Culture exhibit past the bridge after ordering your sake here.

Hana Fuga, $9 – Peach flavored sparkling sake.

Murai Nigori, $10 – Unfiltered sake with an earthy taste.

Dassai, $12 – Traditional sake made by one of the most popular breweries in Japan.

You can also find some incredible merchandise inside the Japan Pavilion’s Mitsukoshi Department Store. Check out our full guide to the coolest things to buy at Mitsokoshu for some tips.

The American Adventure

Congratulations, you’re halfway around the World Showcase! The American Adventure is the center pavilion, featuring funnel cakes, turkey legs and frequent stage performances at the American Gardens Amphitheatre throughout the year. If you have time, listen to the glorious acapella singing of the Voices of Liberty inside the capital building.

Block & Hans

This quick service station is located in a little white stand on the main walkway. Throughout the year, they promote different American craft beers from around the United States.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, $11.25 – You’ll find this favorite carried for most of the year.

Cider Boys Strawberry Magic Hard Cider, $12.25 – The perfect beer for drinking in the hot Florida sun.

Fife & Drum Tavern

Right down the path from Block & Hans is this quick service counter with a few liquor options, if you’re looking to veer from the beer.

Bud Light, $9.25 – Tastes like freedom.

Yuengling, $9.75 – This is the ultimate American beer; it’s brewery was established in the U.S. back in 1829.

Frozen Red Stag Lemonade, $15 – Your childhood favorite frozen lemonade, made for adults with Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon.

American Adventure Frozen Red Stag Lemonade
Frozen Red Stag Lemonade in The American Adventure Pavilion.

*Pro Tip: You can also get the Revolutionary War experience by ordering a round of Jack Daniels’ from the Regal Eagle outdoor bar.


One of the most beautiful pavilions in Epcot is Italy. As you approach St. Mark’s Campanile, take in the smells of fresh pizza, red wine and Italian perfumes before ordering the next round. You can also walk out over the water on the gorgeous Italian piazza.

Gelateria Toscana

Don’t make the mistake of passing up this little kiosk on the far side of the pavilion. Gelato is served in every which way alongside delicious creative beverages.

Chianti, $10.50 – A classic Italian red to sustain your buzz.

Italy Chianti Red Wine
Chianti in the Italy Pavilion.

Bellini, $11 – Enjoy the sweet blend of peach puree and Prosecco.

Italian Margarita, $14 – An Italian twist on a Mexican favorite. This is a frozen blend of Limoncello, Tequila and Margarita mix.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Possibly the coolest hidden lounge (aside from Mexico) is located behind Italy’s main restaurant Tutto Italia Ristorante. No reservations required for this hidden gem which serves small plates and pastas. Order from the lounge bar for quicker service. The menu changes frequently, so at different points you can order craft cocktails, prosecco, beer and wine.

Under a Tuscan Sun Flight, $17 – This fun flight is currently one of three flights offered at the lounge. It includes Chianti Terre di Bacco 2018, Tageto Donna Olimpia 2016, and Tre Brancaia 2015.


Another beer-loving pavilion! But this time, do as the Germans do. Visit the Christmas Shop, buy a teddy bear, then celebrate the culture with intense smells of fresh pretzels and bratwurst among beautifully painted buildings. The polka music played throughout the pavilion will certainly get you into the party mood if you’re not already feeling it.


Located behind the fountain, just before Biergarten, and well worth a visit. The frankfurters and bratwurst with sauerkraut are an excellent treat for yourself or to share with friends.

Warsteiner Dunkel, $10.75 – A popular dark amber beer with a smooth roasted malt taste.

August Kessler Pinot Noir Spatburgunder, $13 – Wine lovers will appreciate this German take on a pinot noir featuring notes of cherry and black currant.

Shofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen, $15.75 – This fun grapefruity beer comes with a sturdy souvenir mug.

Germany Shofferhoffer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen
Shofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen in the Germany Pavilion.


This special little shop is toward the back of the pavilion and features walls upon walls of German specialty wines and liquor. One of our favorites to take home is the fig flavored Klein’s Feigling.

Grafen Neipperg Lemberger, $8 – This red wine is an original from Wurttemberg, Germany and has a rich, fruity flavor.

Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasium Kabinett, $10 – This is a white wine from Moser, Germany with tree fruit flavors.

Schonauer Apfel Liquer, $12 – This is the first liquer on our list for your day – sip slowly!


Seeing the beautifully ornate architecture of China is well worth the long walk from the Germany pavilion. Catch an acrobat show, meet Mulan or watch Reflections of China in the Temple of Heaven while savoring your ninth drink of the day. It’s likely to be dark by the time you reach China, so the pavilion lights will begin to illuminate the park.

Lotus Blossom Cafe

This quick service stand serves pot stickers, orange chicken, fried rice, beef noodles and egg rolls with authentic Chinese flair. You can find it tucked behind Nine Dragons Restaurant.

Plum Wine, $7 – If you didn’t have the plum wine in Japan, now’s your chance. It’s actually cheaper in China.

Foo Draft Beer, $9.25 – Another pale lager option, this time imported from Suntory, China.

Joy of Tea

At the front of the pavilion you’ll find this quaint cart full of flavorful teas, cocktails and egg rolls. The cart sits alongside other curious carts filled with umbrellas, Chinese puppets and other cute toys.

Dragon Blossom Draft, $9.25 – A combination of pilsner topped with Orange Blossom Honey and Green Tea.

Kung Fu Punch, $11 – Another great tea drink, made with Vodka, Triple Sec, Mango and Orange Juice.

China Kung Fu Punch
Kung Fu Punch in the China Pavilion.

For a real treat, try the Tipsy Ducks in Love $13 made with Bourbon Whisky, Coffee, Black Tea, Cream & Chocolate Syrup.


The Norway Pavilion is by far and away our most favorite. Meet Anna & Elsa at the Royal Sommerhaus, learn about Viking deities in the Stave Church, ride Frozen Ever After – but perhaps our most favorite part is the merchandise and delicious cuisine. Plus, the buildings here are simply stunning and make for great photo backdrops.

Beer Stand

Find this one next to the Stave Church at the front of the pavilion. Helpful tip: if you find your group is having trouble carrying their drinks at this point, purchase the handy Bottle Strap for $3.75 sold here.

Einstok White Ale, $10.75 – Imported directly from Iceland, this is our favorite beer in the park.

Norway Einstock White Ale
Einstock White Ale in the Norway Pavilion.

Carlsberg Pilsner, $10.75 – This is another great selection, imported from Norway.

Troll Kreme, $18 – This is a brand new creation offered at the Beer Stand and it’s served in a souvenir cup. It’s frozen Cranberry and Vanilla flavoring mixed with Dragon Berry Rum.

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe

Our favorite go-to dessert in Epcot is Kringla’s Schoolbread. Aside from this, they have a large list of treats and a few small bites sure to please any late-night snackers or sweet tooths. We also love the friendly Norwegian staff that works in this small cafe.

Nordic Draft Beer, $11.25 – Choose from Aass Pilsner, Einstock White Ale and Einstock Toasted Porter.

Viking Coffee, $15.00 – This may be the perfect combo of caffeine & alcohol your group needs to complete the drinking journey. The coffee is flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream and you can order it iced ($14.50) or frozen ($15).


Welcome to the fiesta! Mexico is absolutely the best pavilion to end your Drinking Around the World experience. We’ve watched friends drag other friends to the finish line here before – nothing a little tequila can’t fix. End the night with delicious tacos at La Cantina de San Angel, by riding the Gran Fiesta Tour water ride or by simply watching the fireworks over World Showcase Lagoon.

La Cantina de San Angel & Choza de Margarita

If you’re too tired to hang, take a seat at La Cantina de San Angel for tacos and your last beverage, or grab a bench near Choza de Margarita to watch Epcot’s fireworks with drink in hand.

Tulum Craft Lager Draft Beer, $12.00 – This beer has a signature salty flavor, made with real sea water.

Lime Frozen Margarita, $12.75 – This is a frozen margarita found at Choza de Margarita, along with three other frozen flavors.

Black Magic, $21.00 – The ultimate frozen margarita is at Choza de Margarita made with Ojo de Tigre Mezcal, Blackberry Purée, LeJay black Currant Liqueur, and topped with Lime and Mint.

La Cava del Tequila

The mackdaddy of all Epcot lounges, La Cava del Tequila carries 200+ tequilas, classic margaritas and often has a line out the door. Get some chips & guac with one of their monster flights of 5 tequilas or more to share with the group. If you’re going it alone, try a drink from the list below.

Pina Loca, $16 – This is currently the least expensive selection at La Cava, a mix of ginger pineapple juice, ilegal mezcal and Ancho Reyes Chili liquor with black salt on the rim.

El Negroni, $18– This is a Oaxacan style negroni featuring Gracias a Dios Gin, Ojo de Tigre Mezcal, Sweet Vermouth, Aperol, Ancho Reyes liquor, applejack and delicious coffee liquer.

Casa Dragones Top Shelf Margarita, $23 – Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco mixed with Torres Orange Liquor, agave nectar and freshly squeezed lime juice served on the rocks.

Mexico Casa Dragones Top Shelf Margarita
Casa Dragones Top Shelf Margarita in the Mexico Pavilion.

Keep in mind tequila shots can range from $15 each to well over $40 each. Ask your server for choices within a certain price range and be sure they come with a Tabasco chaser.

All prices were calculated at a specific point in time and are subject to change. Availability may also vary.


So how much did you spend today? Only calculating drinks purchased, my frugal friends (if they didn’t share drinks) came out at $102.25 before tax. If you stayed in the middle price range, you were around $142.25 before tax. For those who splurged the entire day, your total was $227.95 before tax.

While you’re in the planning phase, also check out our list of 30+ Epcot Tips & Secrets and our Insider’s Guide to Epcot for Adults. Both cover the whole park in great detail and have a ton of tips for all sorts of things.

Epcot Drinking Around the World Cost Guide