If you think Epcot is just another theme park for kids, you’re dead wrong. It happens to be one of the best theme parks for adults and boasts some of the best dining options in the world. This list will tell you everything you need to know about the best Epcot restaurants for adults, period.

When building this list, we paid special attention to all of the things that make a restaurant great for grownups. From beef tenderloin at France’s Monsieur Paul to gigantic beers at Germany’s Biergarten, you really can’t go wrong with any of Epcot’s sit-down restaurants.

That said, we’re positive that we can help you find a meal, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Once you decide on a restaurant, take a look at our list of Top 7 Best Epcot Rides for Adults.

Magic Insider’s Top 13 Best Epcot Restaurants for Adults

13. The Garden Grill ($47 to $55 per adult)

Best Breakfast at Epcot (Table Service)
  • All-you-care-to-eat American
  • Different price for breakfast than lunch/dinner
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor

One of the only two non-World Showcase restaurants on our list. Garden Grill is located inside The Land, a gigantic land-themed building inside of Epcot’s Future World.

The first thing you’ll notice about this restaurant is that the entire seating area is spinning. The whole thing is situated on a rotating platform, with cool picturesque views of scenes from the Living with the Land ride during your meal.

Breakfast features a hearty selection of the classics- eggs, potatoes, sausage.

Lunch and dinner are pretty much Thanksgiving, with a full array of turkey breast, pot roast, herb and leek stuffing, macaroni and cheese, etc, finished off with a berry shortcake.

If you are extra hungry, don’t make the mistake of forgetting that you paid for an unlimited amount of food. If you want more of any particular item, just ask your server and they’ll bring you as many plates as you’d like.

12. Coral Reef Restaurant ($25 to $45 per adult)

Coral Reef Restaurant the Seas
  • American/Seafood
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor

There are few things better than being surrounded by a 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium while enjoying a nice meal. That’s exactly what you can do at Epcot’s Coral Reef Restaurant, an American seafood restaurant.

During your meal, you’ll have the chance to see everything from full-grown sharks and sea turtles to the tiniest of reef fish. There’s a chance that you’ll even see a group of scuba divers inside the tank getting a closeup of the 4,000-plus sea creatures.

For seafood, we like to start with a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail or an order of the Crispy Rhode Island Calamari. If observing the beauty of some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures has killed your seafood appetite, try the 8oz New York Strip.

Make sure to check the seasonal menu for some of the best entrees offered at Coral Reef. Check the beer menu for some refreshing, nautical themed bottles from breweries like Kona Brewing Company and Dogfish Head.

If you’re looking for a quieter, more adult friendly atmosphere, make a reservation for later in the evening. This is true for all Epcot restaurants, but even more important here.

11. Yorkshire Fish Shop ($15 and under per adult)

yorkshire county fish and chips epcot
  • British Fish and Chips
  • Counter service
  • No reservations
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer

Unlike the previous entries on this list, Yorkshire Fish Shop is a quick service restaurant that doesn’t accept reservations. Simply walk up to the window and get some of the best fish and chips you can find anywhere, theme park or otherwise.

The first time I ate here, the Yorkshire-born employee taking my order told me that he likes the fish and chips here as much as he likes them back home.

Even though this location is quick service only, that doesn’t mean that you can’t sit down- the Fish Shop boasts some of the best outdoor tables in Epcot. The umbrella-equipped tables are situated right on the World Showcase Lagoon, providing a shady lunch spot.

Even though we love having lunch here, the real beauty of the Fish Shop’s outdoor seating is apparent at night time, as the tables have one of the best views of the Epcot Forever fireworks show.

The tables will absolutely fill up for the fireworks, so be sure to get a table at least an hour in advance.

10. Rose & Crown Dining Room ($25 to $35 per adult)

Rose and Crown Pub Epcot
  • Classic British/Pub
  • Table Service dining/Counter service beer
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor

Right next door to the Yorkshire Fish Shop, you’ll find the Rose & Crown, an uber-popular British-style pub. In the front of the building, there’s a bar serving tons of different beers from the UK.

The bar is open to walk-ups, but the dining area requires a reservation. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either side of the restaurant.

The bar is always lively and busy, while the dining area is a little more laid back.

The highlight of the Rose & Crown is definitely their beer selection, which includes many beer “mixtures”. These mixtures combine many different beers to create even tastier brews.

If you do choose to sit down for a meal, try the Shepherd’s Pie or the Bangers and Mash for a true-blue (or red) English experience.

9. Teppan Edo ($22 to $46 per adult)

Tokyo Dining Epcot
  • Japanese/Asian
  • Hibachi
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor

It’s easy to miss this restaurant, even though it’s located inside of the largest buildings in Epcot’s World Showcase. It’s up the stairs, directly above the Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion. Tokyo Dining is perfect for adults and serves a large variety of Japanese fare, including sushi. The main draw are the entrees on the Hibachi menu.

If you’re in the mood for sushi and don’t mind a little bit of spice, try the Volcano Roll. Finish with a Chocolate Ginger Cake for a full-on Japanese smorgasbord. One of the greatest highlights of this location is the showmanship of the hibachi chefs.

Pick a reservation time that gives you time to finish dessert in time to walk outside to watch the fireworks from the balcony. It is a prime viewing spot, complete with a straight-on view of the Japanese Torii Gate and the World Showcase Lagoon- so good that you’ll regularly see people setting up tripods to capture the moment.

8. La Hacienda de San Angel ($35 to $50 per adult)

epcot mexican restaurant
  • Mexican
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor

You know a restaurant is solid when they employ a full-time Tequila Ambassador. When you sit down, ask for them to come and give you the rundown of their many tequila offerings, then order a flight to sample some of them. Tequila isn’t the only thing that makes this a great choice for dinner- the food is really good. A Taco Sampler and the Pork Empanadas make for delicious appetizers.

Depending on what you ordered out first, we’d highly recommend for ordering the Build-Your-Own Tacos or the La Hacienda for your entree. The La Hacienda is a two-person meal, with steak, chicken, chorizos, vegetables, beans, and toasted corn.

La Hacienda is arguably the best sit-down table service restaurant for the Epcot Forever fireworks show viewing. Definitely reserve a table that allows for this. It’s a dinner-only restaurant anyway, so you don’t have to worry about deciding between lunch or dinner.

7. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie ($12 and under per adult)

  • French bakery
  • Counter service
  • No reservations
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine.

Most folks come here for dessert. Rightfully so, as it’s arguably the best, most popular dessert location at Epcot. Love chocolate? Have a craving for something fruity? Pick your poison, because this place has a dessert for everyone. The beignets are incredible. Chocolate eclairs are also incredible. There are 20+ different desserts to choose from and none will disappoint.

They do serve small meals here, as well. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial than dessert, their Jambon Beurre (baguette ham sandwich) makes for a perfect lunch.

If you’re dining in the evening, our advice would be to make a reservation at a table service restaurant of your choosing, then make your way to Les Halles afterward for a beignet and a cup of coffee. There are tables inside and outside of the bakery.

Carry your dessert back out toward the bridge connecting the France Pavilion to the UK Pavilion and you’ll find some high-top tables along the waterway (available to all guests when there isn’t a private event going on).

6. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria ($20 to $40 per adult)

via napoli epcot pizza
  • Italian with an emphasis on pizza
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.

Alright, this is serious business for anyone who loves good pizza. This is some of the best pizza you can get, anywhere. Created by a company that also operates a renowned Italian restaurant in NYC, this Neapolitan-style pizza spot has not only the best pizza at Epcot, but the best pizza at Walt Disney World in general.

First, decide if you want red pizza or white pizza, then choose whether you want to order a pizza off the menu or build your own. It’s the honest truth that you can’t go wrong with any of the pizza choices.

The fried risotto balls are delicious and the pasta is great, too, but it’s hard to recommend doing anything other than saving room for more pizza. For dessert, order a Tiramisu with a cup of fresh-brewed Italian coffee (one of the best at Epcot) on the side.

5. Biergarten ($49 per adult)

Biergarten Restaurant Germany Epcot
  • German Buffet with live music
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.

If you want to drink beers out of mugs the size of your head and eat bratwurst after bratwurst while jamming to a live German polka band, this is your spot. With an impressive interior styled to look like a charming Bavarian town, there’s nothing else quite like Epcot’s Biergarten.

The food here will absolutely fill you up. Schnitzel, bratwurst, potatoes, spaetzle. You’ll leave here full and with new friends.

The seating arrangement is “communal”. This means that you’ll get paired up to share a table with other patrons. While this isn’t a great idea if you’re looking for an intimate, romantic setting, it can be a lot of fun having giant beers with friendly strangers. If you like dark beer, you can’t beat the Warsteiner Dunkel.

We’ve witnessed countless people fail to finish a beer when they order the largest size. It’s no joke and it’s awesome.

4. La Cava del Tequila ($25 and under per adult)

Best Epcot Bar - La Cava del Tequila
  • Mexican tequila and margarita bar
  • Counter service
  • No reservations
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.

So, even though La Cava del Tequila is technically a lounge, we’re going to cheat a bit and include it. It’s way too cool to leave off of this list. Even Tripadvisor ranks it among the top restaurants in all of Orlando. It’s designed to feel like a hacienda cellar and it definitely delivers.

While it does serve small bites like guacamole and chips with queso, the real draws are the margaritas and the tequila. There are TONS of margarita options, including a build-your-own option.

Don’t even get us started on tequila- there are hundreds of different tequilas available here. Sangria is top-notch here, as well.

Order drinks up at the bar and then make your way to one of the tables in the small seating area. It’s a great atmosphere, tucked inside Mexico’s indoor pyramid-style pavilion, dimly lit and cozy.

We’re warning you- Don’t miss out on stopping by for a drink or you’ll regret it later. La Cava also has the proud distinction of being the best stop on Epcot’s time-honored tradition of Drinking Around the World. We wrote an entire Cost Guide to Drinking Around the World for Adults – check it out before you plan yours!

3. Chefs de France ($35 to $65 per adult)

epcot chefs de france
  • French
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.

Is it any surprise that France would make an appearance on a list of best places to eat? Of course not. The French know food and Epcot’s French are no exception. Parisian-styling and an extensive menu make this a no-brainer for anyone wanting a full meal at the park. The menu varies with the season and the food is always outstanding.

If you’re feeling particularly French, order French onion soup and escargot to start. Deciding on an entree will be more difficult. The beef dishes are amazing. The duck, if available, is amazing. The pork is amazing. You get the picture.

The wine list is huge and you’ll certainly want to take advantage. Creme brulee is the signature dessert here, but there are plenty of other options: chocolate cakes, apple tarts, various sorbets and more. If you visit for dinner, request a window seat to view the fireworks. Chefs de France is very popular and reservations are a must.

For a little more information, check out our comparison of Epcot’s French table-service restaurants.

2. Le Cellier Steakhouse ($45 to $65 per adult)

Le Cellier Restaurant in Canada Epcot
  • Fine Canadian steakhouse
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.

For the right blend of food and ambiance, it’s really hard to find an adult-friendly option at Epcot that can beat out Le Cellier. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in all of Disney World and can be very difficult to get a reservation for.

If you can get that coveted reservation, it’s an excellent choice that you should most certainly make. It’s tucked away on the edge of the Canada pavilion. You’ll be led down a winding pathway into a wine cellar style building. Dark woods, earthy stone, and perfectly muted lighting make the restaurant feel much more suited for adults than for kids.

If you’re going to visit Le Cellier, there are a few things you have to order. First, it’s pretty much a rule that you must order their famous Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup for your appetizer.

After that, the Le Cellier Filet Mignon, an AAA Canadian tenderloin, is one of two must-have entrees. The other must-have, Duck Two Ways, is a confit leg and thigh, accompanied by a seared breast.

If you didn’t order the cheese soup early on, now is the time to order a side of Lobster Mac and Cheese and Loaded Mashed Potatoes with your entree.

A Maple Creme Brulee is a tried-and-true way to finish your Le Cellier experience.

1. Monsieur Paul ($195+ per adult)

epcot monsieur paul
  • Fine French dining
  • Table service
  • Reservations needed
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Beer, wine, liquor.
  • Dress code

Finally, the crown jewel of adult dining at Epcot. Monsieur Paul is owned by Chef Jerome Bocuse, son of the man who opened Chefs de France at Epcot back in 1982, and is arguably the only true fine dining at Epcot, complete with a dress code.

Technically, you can eat for under $59.99 per person, but you’ll likely spend over that amount if you get the full experience. It’s totally worth the expense as long as your budget allows it.

If you need proof, here’s some: The Bocuse family achieved, not one, not two, but three Michelin stars with their Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant in Lyon, France.

Monsieur Paul is located upstairs above Chefs de France. Inside, you’ll find a small, intimate setting with white tablecloths and an attentive wait staff. If you want the full experience, the Prix Fixe Menu will provide you with a decadent, multi-course meal.

If you’d like to save some money, forgo the Prix Fixe and order from the entree section of the menu. Offerings here can vary, but you can rest assured knowing that they will be of the highest quality, whether they consist of Truffle Soup and Veal or Escargot and Sea Bass.

The desserts are extravagant, especially “La Sphere”, a chocolate sphere containing almond cake, praline, hazelnut biscuit, candied oranges, and Armagnac sauce.

The dress code is khakis, slacks, dress shorts, or jeans with a collared shirt for men. Women must wear capri pants, skirts, dresses, dress shorts, or nice jeans.

Finally, our advice for Monsieur Paul is to only make the reservation if you are comfortable with potentially spending $200+ for a two-person experience. If that price is right for you, this is hands down the best Epcot restaurant for adults.

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