Epcot is one of the best places in the world to find a large variety of food. But even with all of those options, sometimes nothing can beat a good burger.

The best burgers at Epcot can be found at Le Cellier Steakhouse, Rose and Crown, Liberty Inn, and Electric Umbrella.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about each burger so you can spend more time eating and less time searching.

Ranking Epcot’s Best Burgers

#5: Various Burgers at Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

This one isn’t actually one specific burger, but includes any of the burgers you may find at the annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. The Festival starts every year in late-August and goes all the way to the middle of November. Anyone familiar with the Food and Wine Festival knows that it is the absolute BEST time to eat at Epcot. There are food kiosks everywhere, serving a ridiculous amount of foods from around the world.

Finding a burger at the Food and Wine Festival is hit or miss, as the food kiosks vary from year to year. Check the My Disney Experience App or website during the Festival to find a list of all food kiosks, complete with menus for each one.

Alternatively, find an Epcot store or cart that has Festival guide booklets. These booklets will include a guide to all kiosks and menus at the Food and Wine Festival. Make sure to check the menus, as you may find some very unique takes on the classic burger.

All Food and Wine Festival kiosks are quick service, so they are always good for a fast bite to eat without worrying about table service reservations.

We’d rank the potential Food and Wine burgers higher if not for the lack of reliable availability. You never know exactly what the menus will look like or if you’ll have anything at all that fits the criteria.

#4: BBQ Burger at Regal Eagle

BBQ Burger at Regal Eagle

We’ll head back to the World Showcase and into the American Pavilion for our fourth best burger at Epcot. With so many more exotic and international pavilions inside Epcot, it can be easy to breeze right by the American Pavilion without a second glance. That’s perfectly fine in many situations, but you should take a moment to consider the Regal Eagle if you are craving some good barbecue.

The burger of choice at Regal Eagle is the BBQ Burger. It’s a 1/3lb Angus burger featuring BBQ Pork, garlic aioli, and a fried onion ring sandwiched between two pieces of garlic toast. It’s also served with your choice of side; picture beer-battered onion rings, baked beans with burnt ends, macaroni and cheese or classic fries to accompany your burger.

It’s not a fancy or gourmet option by any means, but it does check all of the quintessential boxes for a good burger. Regal Eagle also has some delicious and unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks options on a rotating menu. 

Finding Regal Eagle is very easy. First, make your way to the American Pavilion which is at the back of World Showcase. Once you’re there, walk to the left side of the gigantic American Adventure building. Regal Eagle will be right inside the doors. It’s a quick service restaurant, so no need to worry about reservations.

#3: French Bistro Burger at Connections Eatery

French Bistro Burger

Connections Eatery is a part of the all-new renovation in Epcot’s Future World. It’s located near Spaceship Earth, just before you approach the Creations Shop, which serves as the main retail location for Epcot.

The French Bistro Burger is a European take on an American classic. What makes it delicious is the base of a gourmet beef blend patty cooked to perfection, atop a delicious toasted brioche bun. The unique combination of toppings makes this burger a real hit. Caramalized onions, bacon brie, mushrooms, and dijon mayonnaise complete the French Bistro experience.

There’s also a new Southwestern Burger on the Connections Eatery menu. It’s another gourmet beef blend patty topped with roasted corn chipotle salsa, oaxaca cheese crema, chamoy and guacamole on a toasted bun. It’s gotten decent reviews so far and is a good change of pace for anyone wanting a more adventurous burger.

To find the Connections Eatery, take the left side path from the Epcot entrance into Future World. Connections is adjacent to Creations Shop and shares a space with Starbucks Cafe.

#2: The Welsh Pub Burger at the Rose and Crown Dining Room

First off, we have to say that the top two best burgers at Epcot are head and shoulders above the rest. Second of all, this burger isn’t always available, but when it is – go for it!

The #2 spot belongs to the Rose and Crown Dining Room’s Welsh Pub Burger. This one is extremely good and is one of the best burgers inside all of Disney World. The burger itself is Angus beef and comes topped with a healthy dose of Welsh Rarebit sauce. If you’re not familiar with Welsh Rarebit, it’s a cheese sauce typically made with a strong melted cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, flour and a few other small ingredients. The result makes for a perfect burger topping.

Along with the Rarebit, the Welsh Pub Burger comes with beer-battered leeks, Branston (a popular British brand) mayonnaise, and bacon.

On the side of the Welsh Burger, we like to order the Bubble and Squeak. It is a traditional British breakfast dish made with boiled potatoes and cabbage. It’s named for the sound the cabbage makes when it is being boiled.

Unlike the lower-ranked burger establishments on this list, the Rose and Crown is a table service restaurant. This means that you will need a reservation in order to dine here. It is generally a very popular restaurant and reservations can be hard to come by if you don’t make them in advance.

It’s possible to get a reservation the day-of, but you’ll likely need to keep checking for availability throughout the day.

We recommend booking a table at least a week in advance if you intend to dine at the Rose and Crown and would like a specific time slot.

#1: The Burger “Oscar” at Le Cellier Steakhouse

Finally, we’ve made our way to the #1 pick- and it’s a doozy. This particular menu item is a seasonal offering, so it won’t always be found on Le Cellier’s list of entrees, but get it when you find it.

Our favorite Epcot burger is offered by Le Cellier at lunchtime and is no ordinary burger. It is a Wagyu beef burger, topped with a lump of lobster and crab. Steak lovers and burger lovers know exactly what they are getting when they order Wagyu, as it’s some of the best beef available. Most people would be satisfied by the Wagyu alone, but Le Cellier sends this burger to the next level by adding the lobster and crab.

The burger topping also includes applewood-smoked bacon, tomato jam, bibb lettuce, and BĂ©arnaise sauce. Needless to say, it’s quite a feat to contain that much gourmet food all inside a brioche bun.

As a final touch, you’ll get house-made pickles and a side of truffle fries with your burger.

This burger is absolutely, positively incredible. Any one topping could be dropped from this burger and it would still be excellent, but all of the toppings together create something that is truly mouth-watering. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more impressive burger anywhere.

Anyone who wants to sit down at Le Cellier for lunch needs to have a reservation. Unfortunately, this is often a tall order. Le Cellier is famous for being one of the hardest reservations to get, not only at Epcot, but at the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

We highly recommend booking Le Cellier as soon as humanly possible. Make your reservation the moment you know which day you’ll be going to Epcot – or 180 days out, which is the earliest Disney will allow any reservations to be made for restaurants on property.

We’re 100% serious when we tell you that people regularly book Le Cellier six months in advance.

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