The Best Rain Gear for Disney World

best rain gear disney world

At some point, you’re going to get rained on during a Disney World vacation. That’s just the plain and simple truth for almost everyone. Florida weather changes abruptly and sunny skies can turn dark in an instant.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by coming equipped for your Disney World trip with good rain gear. Not all rain gear is created equal though, so it’s important to bring the right things. The standard cheapo ponchos commonly sold in the parks will only do you so much good. Yes, they offer OK coverage, but they are way too hot, muggy, and inconvenient for central Florida weather.

I created this guide to help you choose all the right gear to tackle Disney World’s unpredictable weather. Over the course of many years at Disney, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.


The Best Rain Jackets for Disney World

Floridians and Disney pros are well aware of how important it is to invest in a quality rain jacket. Rain jackets are a lot more versatile and easy to deal with than ponchos. It’s much easier to hop on a ride or keep your hands free when wearing a jacket instead of a big plastic poncho.

Top Rain Jacket for Men

disney world best rain gear mens rain jacket marmot

Marmot Men’s PreCip Rain Jacket (Click to check current price on Amazon): The Marmot PreCip is the best rain jacket for Disney World. Period. Bang for your buck, you can’t beat this jacket. It’s made of a material that keeps water from soaking into the fabric, but it still breathable to keep you from overheating in hot weather. It also has zippered vents and taped seams. The hood, sleeves, and waist are all adjustable. One of the best features is that the PreCip can be stuffed down into its own pocket. This makes it super easy to pack. And, of course, it looks great!

Top Rain Jacket for Women

disney world rain jacket womens marmot

Marmot Women’s PreCip Rain Jacket (Click to check current price on Amazon): Just like the men’s version of this jacket, the women’s Marmot PreCip is an excellent choice for a Disney World rain jacket. It has the same breathable, soak-preventing fabric and taped seams to keep you dry without overheating. It folds down into its own pocket and has all the same adjustments and vents. The only difference in this jacket is its flattering form factor, giving it a more feminine look. Overall, the PreCip is a cute rain jacket tailor-made for handling the warm, wet weather you’re likely to encounter at Disney.


The Best Ponchos for Disney World

There’s no question that ponchos are best for getting the most coverage and pure protection from rain. However, the two main issues with ponchos are their inconvenient size and their tendency to make you feel like you’re in a sauna. If you opt for a poncho over a rain jacket, it’s a good idea to avoid the cheap plastic ponchos commonly sold at theme parks. A slightly higher quality poncho will keep you much more comfortable.

Top Poncho for Men

best poncho for disney world mens

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho (Click to check current price on Amazon): Frogg Toggs is known for their simple, effective ponchos. This poncho is no-frills and utilitarian, but it is leaps and bounds better than a typical plastic poncho. The material is way, way more comfortable and breathable than a standard poncho. It also features side snaps to keep it in place, an adjustable hood, and welded seams. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, comfortable poncho for Disney World, this it it.

Top Poncho for Women

best womens poncho for disney world linenlux

Linenlux Poncho (Click to check current price on Amazon): The Linenlux Poncho is a really popular choice with ladies at Disney World. It’s high-quality for a lightweight poncho and it features plenty of cute prints and colors. It’s definitely the closest you can come to looking cute while in a poncho. It’s made from a polyester fabric that does an excellent job of keeping you dry. It’s also more long and flowy than most ponchos, which helps it be less awkward to wear. There’s also a front zipper that goes down the entire front and an adjustable hood. It’s is a little bit more expensive than the Frogg Toggs, but it offers more comfort and eliminates that boxy look. The Linenlux adds a much-needed dose of style to the world of ponchos.


The Best Kids Rain Gear for Disney World

Chances are good that you care more about keeping your kids dry than keeping yourself dry. It’s also sometimes hard to keep a kid from shedding a rain jacket or poncho the moment that they get too hot. Fortunately, I have one clear rain gear choice to keep all kids dry and comfortable.

Top Pick for Kids

disney world kids rain gear jacket poncho

Frogg Toggs Polly Woggs Kids Rain Suit (Click to check current price on Amazon): The Polly Woggs rain suit is awesome for kids. It’s the perfect compromise between a rain jacket and a poncho and comes in a handful of different colors. The suit is very breathable and very adjustable. It packs down nicely, so it’s really easy to bring anywhere. Keep in mind that the Polly Woggs suit does run quite large, as it’s designed to go conveniently over the top of your child’s clothing. Super convenient and super comfortable.


The Best Umbrella for Disney World

Nothing fancy here. You just want something compact and reliable. My favorite is the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating. It’s only 11″ long and it weighs less than a pound, making it really easy to put in a backpack or purse. It also has one of the best handle mechanisms, so you don’t have to worry about fidgeting with an annoying umbrella button that doesn’t work.


Recommended Shoes

If you’re looking for the best shoes for Disney World, rain or shine, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to the Best Shoes for Disney World. It goes in-depth with our shoe recommendations for men, women, and children.


Features to look for when buying rain gear

  • Water-resistant or Waterproof Fabric: Avoid materials that aren’t made specifically for keeping water out. There are lots of windbreakers and other jackets on the market that look like rain gear, but won’t actually help keep you dry.
  • Breathability & Weight: Disney World’s average temperatures are very high and the climate is very humid. Non-breathable materials will make you feel like you’re stuck in a sauna. Overheating is a big problem for many Disney guests, especially kids and seniors.
  • Fit: To be frank, most cheap rain gear makes you feel like you’re wearing a garbage bag. Gear that fits you properly will keep you more comfortable and will make it far easier for you to get around.
  • Packability: A great rain jacket won’t do you any good if it gets left at home because it’s too bulky to pack. Choose something lightweight and made for packing. Every piece of rain clothing we list in this guide is designed to fold up tiny enough to fit in almost any bag or backpack.